EXCLUSIONS:  In addition to the Health Insurance General Provisions Article 2 the diseases and / or injuries due to an accident of the Policy Holder within the Insurance Period are out of the coverage for the below mentioned situations and conditions that develop depending on these situations.

·          No indemnity will be paid for the diagnosis and treatment of the existing diseases and existing disabilities of the Policy Holder before the commencement date of the Insurance, the diagnosis and treatment of the congenital diseases and disabilities (being aware or not) and the disorders that develop relatedly during the whole Insurance Period.
·          Diagnosis and treatment of otosclerosis,
·          All kinds of plastic surgeries except the conditions that an accident necessitates which the Policy Holder can have from the Insurance Commencement Date on, gynaecomastia, gender reassignment surgeries and diagnosis and treatments with aesthetical purposes, laser epilation, laser and phototherapy applications related with all kinds of skin diseases, treatment of varicose spider veins (sclerosant varicosity treatment, endovenous laser treatment,
·          Coronary Artery Calcium Score Test, Coronary VCT Angiography and all medical examinations that are specified under the Paragraph EBT (Electron Beam Tomography) in the Turkish Doctors' Union Minimum Fee Tariff, CT Coronary Virtual Angiography and CT-based virtual colonoscopy and similar expenses of the medical examinations with screening purposes,
·          Eyeglasses-glasses-frame for glasses, contact lenses and lens solutions , dental prosthesis and wheelchair expenses,
·          Expenses for new methods and materials that are not widespread and / or are not proved to have increased the success of the treatment yet and are being applied instead of the existing treatment methods. Fee for Robot use and all kinds of material expenses that are used specific for this method by the surgeries with Robotic Surgery Method (like Da Vinci). Expenses for new biomedical engineering - genetic and biotechnology based treatment and applications,
·          Expenses of the diagnosis and treatment of the psychiatric, psychological diseases, treatment expenses for the psychosomatic diseases and expenses of psychologist, pedagogue, social service specialist etc. epilepsy,
·          Child care fees, healthy baby / child controls, expenses for premature, baby food, nappy, feeding bottle, pacifier, absorbing cotton, alcohol, eau de cologne, thermometer, cold pack, hot water bag, sweeteners,
·          The doctors' examinations and laboratory / x-ray etc. applications with medical examination or protection purposes that the Policy Holder undergoes without having any disease, the expenses that are made for the genetic screening due to familial risk factors, costs of check-ups and vaccines (excluding influenza, hydrophobia, tetanus and the routine vaccines of the children between 0-6 years that appear in the vaccine schedule of Ministry of Health),
·          All kinds of circumcision and their complications, alternative medicine methods (acupuncture, hypnosis, aromatherapy, neural theraphy etc.),treatments which scientific aspects has not been proved yet, experimental treatments and treatments that are not approved by American Food And Drug Administration (FDA) or medical examinations and treatments that are assumed to be still under experimental stage, obesity, applications for weight gaining purposes and expenses made in foot care centers, cures at thermal springs, massage expenses, dietitian, mud baths, weight loss centers, gymnastics centers and all kinds of expenses at similar places, expenses for voice and speaking therapies,
·          Abortion expenses that are made without medical reasons, sterilization (tubal ligation, vasectomy etc.), implant contraceptives, infertility investigation and treatment (ovulation procedure, HSG, adhesiolysis, tuboplasty etc.), miscarriage investigation, impotence (erection dysfunctions) and / or all kinds of expenses made for fertility treatments (in vitro fertilization, microinjection etc.), expenses related with pseudopregnancy (psychological pregnancy), all kinds of treatment regarding menopause,( pre-peri-post Menopause, Osteoporosis etc.
·          Laser and surgical intervention expenses for strabismus and refractive errors of the eyes and all kinds of diagnosis, medical examinations and treatment expenses for amblyopia,
·          All diseases that are related with AIDS, HPV, ARCS and HIV, diagnosis and treatment expenses for condyloma and veneral diseases,
·          Occupational diseases that occur during the building demolition, explosive material transportation, mine workings, harbour construction, working with dynamite activities (asbestosis, pneumoconiosis, mercurial poisoning, silicosis etc.)
·          Accidents and diseases that occur during performing duties as a police or military institutions,
·          Domestic and abroad accommodation expenses, food expenses apart from those of the hospital, telephone expenses etc., other expenses that are not necessary for the treatment,
·          Transportation expenses except local licenced ambulance,
·          Expenses for organ and donor by tissue transplantations, organ and tissue expenses, the transportation expenses of the organ and tissue,
·          All expenses related with collecting, transplantation and handling of the umbilical cord blood and stem cell,
·          All kinds of expenses that require more than 15 sessions of physical therapy applications at out-patient and in-patient treatments within one insurance year,
·          The expenses of diagnosis and treatment for all kinds of diseases and accidents arising from the alcohol and drug addiction of the Policy Holder, expenses of diagnosis and treatment belonging to all kinds of diseases and their complications arising from the alcohol and drug addiction, treatment expenses for treating of smoking, alcohol etc. and all kinds of drug addictions cessation, all kinds of health expenses that arise from the accidents that are caused by the Policy Holder during unlicensed driving, get involved in a fight, the expenses related to the treatments that arise from the intentionally or unintentionally self-harm behaviour etc.,
·          Diseases and disablements during performing dangerous sportive activities (riding, driving, mountain climbing, climbing, canoe, rafting, diving, parachute jump, sky surfing, bungee jumping, civil aviation - private flying, deltaplan, glider, balloon etc.),
·          Diseases and disablements that will occur during all kinds of competitions and / or trainings as a professional or amateur sportsman,
·          The treatment expenses about the accidents that arise from driving a motorcycle are accepted with the condition that the Policy Holder states

this in the application form and it is accepted by the Insurer and the related additional premium is paid.
·          The expenses for all kinds of treatments, diagnosis and treatments of pustule, acne, hair loss, sweating treatment, iontophoresis, botox applications, treatment of isotretinoin and derivatives (roaccutane caps etc.), expenses for hair or dandruff shampoo, skin care cream, skin soap, cosmetic products, thermophore, thermometer etc.,
·          The diagnosis and treatment expenses of geriatric and psychogeriatric, Alzheimer disease, Parkinson
·          Disablements and its diagnosis and treatment expenses that will be caused by taking part at the worker strikes, lock-outs, civil commotions, fights,
·          The required diagnosis and treatment expenses due to the disablements through travel with  any kind of air vehicle except flying as a ticketed passenger at scheduled flights,
·          All kinds of expenses that arise from practicing as their results without a diagnosis / treatment program projected by a doctor,
·          The diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of disease that causes snoring and sleep - apnoea syndrome,
·          The drug, vitamin and food supplement products that are imported through the approval of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and through the import permission of the Ministry of Health and do not possess a drug licence,
·          Asthma, Reactive Airway Disease, bronchial hyperreactivity and the vaccine and test expenses of all kinds of skin tests of allergic diseases, hepatitis markers,
·          The expenses of septum deviation and its complications, the expenses of concha hypertrophy and its complications, hallux valgus diseases, pes planus, the expenses related with scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis except caused by an accident that the Policy Holder may have from the Insurance Commencement Date on,
·          The diagnosis and treatment expenses of spermatocele, varicosele, cord cyst and epididymis cysts,
·          The expenses belonging to the private nursing care services during in-patient or out-patient treatment,
·          All expenses except the coverage, limit and applications that are determined in the Policy and the conditions outside the scope that are specified in the Policy Additional,
·          The healthcare services expenses which are provided by the doctors whose area of expertise are in contradiction with the Policy Holder's,
·          The epidemics that are declared publicly and quarantine,

·          The funeral expenses in case of death (The morgue expenses, transportation of the corpse in case of dying after been hospitalized etc.),

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